Global market leader by technological leadership


  • is a technology leader in factory automation and quality assurance in attractive niche markets
  • is an engineering firm which sets technological benchmarks through its innovative developments
  • is present internationally and holds a dominating position in some attractive sales markets with excellent customer relationships
  • has a broad regional, industrial and customer footprint
  • is focused on mega demand trends
  • is a highly profitable group of companies which banks on emerging markets and a continuous dividend policy

Growth with alignment on mega-trends

elexis AG is active in the areas of:

  • Strip and web guiding systems
  • Quality assurance systems
  • Drive technology and
  • Automated handling systems plastic

Strip- / web guiding systems count on a growing industrial manufacturing

The navigation of metal bands and production lines with manufacturing facilities are the core compentence of our company in the area of High Quality Automation. They secure fast and trouble-free production processes.

Quality assurance systems reduce waste and indirectly the Co2 reduction

Quality assurance systems from EMG check the physical characteristics of the metal bands during the production process. In addition the stabilisation of the flat steel strip is achieved through electromagnetic vibrations.

Quality assuring systems from BST produce with fast running machines a fixed picture on the monitor in order to enable error checking.

Drive technology enables global mobility

Ports and coal mines projects are typical application areas. Our products stand for a maximum of security, when heavy stock > 20 tons are moved.

Automated Handling Systems Plastic are applicable manifold

Complex technological solutions are developed together with international customers for the markets of the mega-trends Healthcare and Automotive. Precision, speed and reliability of our machinery secures the productivity of the production process at our end customers.